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I snipped the second zip tie and reclined the seat one more hole so I now have only two more holes to go. I think that's better. Definitely not worse.

I'll try this hillbilly lumbar support tomorrow to see how that goes. Adds a touch of class if nothing else.

The glass from Saturday put a couple of deep cuts in the front tire. If it wasn't so new I'd use that as an excuse to replace it. The cuts are deep but not wide, so I put patches on the inside of the tire so the tube doesn't poke through and moved it to the rear. I'm afraid it's a temporary fix, but no time to get another tire for Saturday so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will hold for another couple hundred miles. Seems to be holding up ok so far.

I was looking around for other tires, and there aren't really that many options. Schwalbe Durano & Conti Grand Prix at around $45/tire and the Rene Herse at $80/tire. I like the RH tires a lot, but they're so expensive and don't last that long, I have gone to using them for brevets only and use less expensive tires for JRA. I've ordered another Michelin and will use the patched one as a spare. Maybe I'll treat myself to a set of the RH tires next season.

I have 382 miles on the strada now and feel like it's getting a little easier and I'm getting a little faster. My legs don't hurt as much as they did before, and I've gone from ~4mph slower to ~2mph slower than on my DF.
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