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Originally Posted by eastsideride View Post
The 520 is still a decent machine. The reason for the change to the aluminum fork was due to the integrated headset bearings which gives longer life to your headset and is simpler to work with. When making the change to the headset, we had to modify the fork crown. In steel, it was simply too heavy for the weight we wanted to maintain, so we went to aluminum instead since it keeps the weight down but allows us to make it just as strong for mounting weight to the front of the bike. If it was heavier, others might complain about that. But the frame will remain steel and the bike shares the same history as the early 520.

Anyways, we got a little off topic...
Never had any issues with a standard EC34/EC34 headset. You put a quality Cane Creek unit in there and no issues even a 40 is a fine one that is unlikely to have many problems. Stick with a standard fork easy peasy. I get just dropping in bearings is super simple but how often are people removing cups and replacing headsets? The only headsets I have replaced have been loose ball or caged stuff that is cheap and one of those was because it was a poor IS design and the bearings got crushed.

I got to wonder if Trek was really doing a lot of headset warranties because I haven't ever had to do one and that is my job is warranties.

However yes we did get off topic.
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