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Originally Posted by Stadjer View Post
Mmm, one of the reasons it's not a 9 out of 10 for me is that the end was a bit like a fade out in a song that should end with some kind of bang. I believe it would have been a more powerful film if it ended in the camp. So maybe that's why I didn't appreciate the credits that much, the end was already overdue, and it wasn't really subtle anyway. What I liked about was feeling some kind of sympathy for the evil and beeing disappointed with the good ones.

But if this is your kind of movie, you might enjoy Devils at the Doorstep too. That was definetely a 9 out 10 for me. Also black and white but surprisingly accessible despite it's in Chinese. Black and white allows for a lot of cost saving I guess so it often comes with more artistic freedom.
I suppose I saw it as a separate element from the main movie. Not quite like breaking the 4th wall, but something like that. I think we can agree that the movie is worth watching. Thanks, I might check out your other recommendation too.
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