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Originally Posted by wipekitty View Post
Yep - that's exactly the plan!

I could really care less about car free "status". I like riding my bike, I do not like driving, my significant other let his license lapse, and we live in a town that we can walk across in less than an hour, so not having a car made sense. If we actually got good enough to gig, and said gigs were frequent enough, an old van would be the trick.

For now, the drums are happy in the basement, next to my sad road bike that is waiting for the snow to melt.
Electric drums have come a long way in the last 20 years. You can get a really decent electric kit for less than a grand, add a good keyboard amp and you're ready to gig with a setup that will fit into a bike trailer. Local gigs usually are in venues small enough that acoustic drums can be (and usually are) overpowering unless you plexiglass shield/mic, and you'll still have issues with what sound makes it past and around the shield. Electric drums are pretty nice for live sound engineers. I don't gig anymore, sold my drums several years ago but investing in a good electric kit for small venues would have been really wise. I was a drummer long before I picked up the guitar but play mostly guitar now. Bass is my favorite instrument ever, however.
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