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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post

I know a lot of really talented, skilled, dedicated musicians ... and a lot of them gig ... but none of them still try to make a living solely off of music. Too many hours on the road, and either too many compromises or too little income or both. The only guy i know who is still making all his money in music is a college professor teaching music.

I gave up on any sort of music career decades ago. There still is no joy higher than really making musijc ... but the folks at the bank can;t figure out how to deposit a sax solo.
Yeah - same here. I think I gave up somewhere halfway though high school, once I realized that I was a good but not incredible vocalist, and my main instrument (oboe) was hard to apply outside of classical music, which didn't really speak to me.

I know a few vocalists who went full time - primarily in musical theater and opera. My significant other knows quite a few musicians who made it in the indie/rock scene; a couple of them got huge and are still going, while others settled down and found other ways to generate income when they got a bit older.

The cool thing is that technology makes it easier to produce and distribute music. My stepdaughter already has an EP out, and her band just started last summer. In bigger cities, there are tons of opportunities to play, not for pay, but for the sake of sharing and enjoying music. So now I need to find a job in one of these places, which is hard, since my day job is probably even less practical than making music.
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