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On the subject of carrying percussion instruments, my bike is a percussion instrument. I decided that this past year, my Surly Troll needed More Cowbell.

More Cowbell

Otherwise it's been a normal, bike-commuting year. I did go on one trip to Ohio, where I flew in to Cleveland with my bike, did some biking and bussing out to the edge of Cleveland, but realized I was carrying way too much, and I had to call for some car help to get me the last 20 miles before darkness and rainstorms became an issue. But after that, was able to bike around northeast and northcentral Ohio for a couple of days, camp for a long weekend, and bike into Columbus where I flew home.

Then my wife I had a mostly car-free week of vacation where we flew to St. Louis, were shuttled 150 miles down the Katy Trail in a van full of other cyclists, and spent several days biking back to St. Louis. While I don't think my wife will ever give up her car, between this trip and our GAP ride the year before, I think she is convinced that you can have a very pleasurable, car-free vacation.

Also I've made a little more use of my little, folding bike for in-state, multi-modal travel. I can't load it down like i do my touring bike, or wouldn't want to, but I found I can fit a good amount of stuff on there. Easy to get away for a couple of days if there's no camping. When my family decided to carpool some hundreds of miles to my grandmother's funeral, I was able to bike and bus to the train station and go far enough down the line to meet them on the way, and my folder fit nicely with the luggage in the van, and away we went. Not a happy reason for a trip, but it was a good example why I like having a bike that travels well.
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