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What do you do to improve relations?
Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
i tell good drivers they will be blessed by the Pope of Boyleston Avenue.
I myself preach from Boylston Street* in Boston and I have posted on a few threads:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Personally, I find any discussions about cycling with motorists futile, especially those exchanged while en route, often with hostility. When off the bike, e.g. at work they are usually pleasant, but vacuous, for example when I’m called a saint.

When they complain, it’s often about cyclists riding two or more abreast, no lights, ninjas, etc…valid complaints IMO.

The most antagonistic remarks though that I try to assuage are taunts about what it would do to the driver if they hit me, most often spoken on the Winter when streets are icy or narrowed by snowbanks…
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
How to get the message out? I find threads about what to say to a driver futile, since these are brief, often emotion laden encounters, and often the cyclist makes a bad impression

I have in the past posted about giving “bicyclist curses,” and “bicyclist blessings”; about 5 blessings a day, and about 3 curses a week.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I have those exact thoughts whenever I am passed, even when not tooclose by motorist who does not slow down or move over slightly, just as an indication that they notice me.

I always think those self-absorbed cagers are only restrained by the thought of scratching their cars, or the hassle of filing police reports.

My only satisfactory retribution is to give them my previously-described Bicyclist Curse. (I repeatedly jab my pointed right index finger in their direction, while shouting an accusatory, ”You, you, you…”). The possibility of metaphysical retribution is more satisfying than the middle finger.

I do also bestow Bicyclist Blessings on drivers who show even a modicum of respect, with a wave of the hand. ….
So, @Maelochs, tell the bad drivers, woe unto them, for they shall be cursed by the Pope of Boylston Street.


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