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Does nitro give you headaches?

I'll tell the three beer story..
Has a blockage and a stent in 2012.
Sent me for s stress test right after the first of the year. Before the exercise portion, I already had an abnormal rhythm.
Did the exercise portion and found the part of the heart that the stent was in not getting good blood supply.
Sent me in for an angioplasty, found stent totally occluded (plugged).
Got referred to another cardiologist, this time it happens to be the guy that invented the drug aluting stent, has designed wires, catheters, etc. The guy's good.
However, to be eligable for another procedure this soon after January, insurance requires me to be on two anti-ischemic meds..My beta blocker for blood pressure (been on it for years) is one.. so he puts me on a low dose nitro..
Took the first dose this morning, and half an hr later, I get this "rush" feeling, and a POUNDING headache..

Anyone else take (have taken) nitro? And did it give you a headache?
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