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Originally Posted by metalheart44 View Post
It took me a few years to find the bike, but before that I was a regular in the gym using a treadmill, stationary bike, and swimming. Then, I started cycling and I have done so without any issue. I ride about 6k a year and climb 300-400k and seem to have no cardiac issues that inhibit cycling at whatever level my body can sustain. The most difficult thing has been finding a beta blocker dose that works with how hard I want to cycle, but that is mostly worked out. If you have been on beta blockers a while, then you know how they can affect heart rate, but it seems not everyone perceives the limits that I seem to have experienced. But, the good news is, I can be on the bike and ride at a level that works for me...
I hear ya on that.. I struggle for a few minutes when I first get on until my heart rate comes up.. resting it falls to the low 50's.. normal is between 60 - 72
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