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Callahan State Park

There are 3 parking areas. I started with the most Northern lot (approx 241 Broadmeadow St Marlboro) & got in about an hour of riding. The drove to the middle lot (862 Edmonds Rd Framingham) & got in about another hour of riding. From that middle lot I was able to ride to the 3rd & most Southern lot (180 Millwood St Framingham). This combination of rides had the roughest trails I’ve seen personally & I’m appreciating the features of more modern (& more expensive MTBs). Whether I get one or just focus more carefully on easier trails, I don’t know. Leaning toward easier trails I guess.

11:43am left house
12:17pm Parked at dirt patch at start of Bear Paw Trail, approx. 241 Broadmeadow St Marlboro, MA. Headed toward Back Bay Circuit Trail near Sudbury reservoir
12:30pm started riding
1:20pm reached Dam 2.7 miles
1:58pm back at car 6.29 miles
26.9 max mph
6.9 mph avrg
54 min in the saddle
1.5 hrs away from car

PART TWO (Did not reset computer)
2:29pm from (( ))
3:44pm back at car
10.19 miles
26.9 mph max (unchanged)
6.1 mph avrg
1:40 saddle time
1hr min away from car for 2nd ride

Several occasions where I had to walk up rough trails & some downhills were a bit challenging due to the roots & rocks everywhere. These are not well ridden trails, more like hiking foot trails. Tho there were signs for bikes, & some trails marked “no bikes”

Nice that the park is close to home & when done was quick to get home. The neighborhood tho, because less remote, has a lot of trash & used condoms. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. how about you ppl carry that stuff out?

Early on, on Bear Paw, a bumpy climb w rocks & roots. I had a fall (to the left) & banged up my left knee. Guess I didn’t have enough momentum or experience. I think this is the knee I had surgery on 22 yrs ago. Thinking about getting knee pads. Glad I had some cream & bandages for the knee.

One muddy section caused some significant chain suck. So there’s another reason to get a better bike that has those jockey wheels right behind the front chain rings. Bit also a good reason to avoid mud. Gotta remember to bring an extra water bottle just for washing. Used some of my good water on the chain but when I finished it I was able to get stream water for more chain rinsing. Gotta remember to run that bottle thru the dishwasher. But love the 2.25 Riddlers 21psi front 25 psi rear.

Some trails names like “Bear Paw” & Rocky Road” are dead give a ways for what to expect. But a trail named “Wren” you’d think would be tame, right? Nope, it was a rocky foot path shortly after turning on to it.
Got to ride over a neat raised walkway. But as I did I was thinking, hmmm maybe this is a mistake, cause the area wasn’t flooded & I could have ridden around it. but it was too tempting.
The temp was cool to start but I wound up shedding everything but a single short sleeved layer. Ditched the bright yellow face shield equipped helmet & low camera mount for what looks more like a gray MTB helmet with a higher cam mount. Gonna lower the mount cuz the higher mount causes more camera shake.

Another bike feature I would like is a drop at the top bar so when jumping off after a stall I have more clearance for “the boys”

This set of trails is where there is no question a hybrid is off limits, you need a front suspension fork at the very least. There were some easy old roads to ride & the earthen dam trail was easy. But that’s it.

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