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Andromeda: A barely tolerable pseudoscience-fiction

Andromeda 5/10

Watched the show originally and gave up on it by the end of season one. Went back to watch it a second time because I had nothing better to do. That probably sums it up in terms of content.

Although the characters are believable enough, they unfortunately suffer from poor stories with huge glitches and gaps in continuity and flow. Characters are present in one scene, then instantly appear in the next with no logical transition from one to the other of how they got there.

There is also a lack of decent special effects. In fact, the CG of the Andromeda is early video game reminiscent, and the Sid and Marty Krofft blue screen effect is not much better. It is by far one of the worst special effects and CG space scenes in the history of television. It reminded me of a child's crayon drawing of his house and family.

Because it’s created by Gene Roddenberry it’s expected to be a sci-fi. But because it explains almost nothing relating to science, it ends up being closer to a fantasy than anything relating to science fiction.

On the other hand, all the women are gorgeous; and Dylan does spend half his time bedding every local alien females he meets (between his commitments to restoring the Common Wealth, of course). So in that aspect, even on his worst day, he still manages to outperforms even the venerable Capt. Kirk.

If you enjoy a weekly out of context love scene with no apparent story attached, then Andromeda would be the perfect 10 show for you.

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