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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post


The Beatles are such a paradox are they not. I mean they're not particularly charismatic. They're not dashing (in fact they appear pretty dowdy if you ask me). They don't dance, or even have any slick unified moves.

They also didn't bring to the table any revolutionary technology and yet they somehow ended up being one of the most successful and the most popular bands of all time. To this day I'm still not sure just what it was that made them so special.
I've always thought it was pretty universal knowledge that The Beatles are head & shoulders above all other musical groups with their tremendous catalog of MUSIC, which after all should be the #1 measure of a musician....not dance moves or technological advancements. There has never been a band with all members contributing in both writing and vocals just incredible music. They had a lot of charisma, especially before the beards and hair of their more psychedelic years. I like a lot of bands and would like to someday see another Beatles, but they have set a very high bar.

just pulling this up I see there's a new Beatles related movie (with a twist) coming at the end of the month - Yesterday

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