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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I've seen that article. I think a careful consideration, other than cost, is what speed range you're in. It seems some suits do better at some speeds versus others. And the whole "open vs. closed" idea as well. Those assumptions drive where and what fabrics they place.

For me, some of those suits aren't so good as my avg speed for anything with rollers is going to be lower than 45 kph. Unless the idea is that you do exceed that speed downhill at some point and it matters then (downwind isn't the equivalent airspeed, just ground speed).

I'm cruising Ebay looking to upgrade. I've got a Galibier suit. It apparently is ok-ish entry level suit for someone.

I'm looking at used BP 3.0's or 3.3's. Apparently the 3.3 is worth it if you can.

I do hear some of the newer ones are even worse for not being able to stand in them. Maybe keep my Galibier for "fast simulated training" and own a used BP for rides I care about.
I like my Body Paint 3.3 suit. I have a teammate looking to sell his Castelli Body Paint 3.3 in size Medium. It was used one time only. Here's a pic:

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