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Originally Posted by Jadesfire View Post
I don't know if "enjoyed" is necessarily the right word for HBO's Chernobyl series. But it certainly had me running the gamut of emotions throughout it's six episodes- horror, disgust, fear, sadness, and awe. Other things in life inspire me to read more about particular historical events but this was the first TV show in a while that has me wanting to do that.
In that case, feel free to give it your highest ranking, since emotion is the most fundamental element of all cinema productions.

Also, on another note: Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I got about halfway through the first episode with this weird feeling that this felt familiar somehow. And then one of the characters was named and I realized I read (one of?) the book(s) the series was based on. The show doesn't quite live up to the quirkiness of the novel, and I don't feel the need to binge watch it in just a few days. But I'll go back to it and finish it eventually. So I guess that I would rate this one as just OK.
I got the exact same vibe. I try never to binge watch any series though, since like fine foods and wine, it needs to be savored to appreciate the full effect.

However, in this case it was easy, since I'm not familiar with the book and need a break to determine exactly what to make of it. I'm never quite sure if its making fun of religion or supporting it?

BTW, I try never to compare a book to a movie. They're two distinct art forms that appeal to different parts of the mind. Its similar to comparing a photograph to a painting. Which most of us instinctively never do.
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