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Skinsuit shopping is getting frustrating.

I posted on ST about this..........it's 2019, why is a number pouch seem like such a "modern" touch? Seriously? Seems like basic aero 101 to me.

And it's pretty much limited to Nopinz or as a Nopinz modification to your suit.......or a super expensive D2Z Endura skinsuit. Which is a suit I'm nowhere near fast enough for how they designed it.

All arrows are pointing me to getting an affordable and well tested Velotec or a used Bodypaint 3.3

Neither come new with a number pouch. Really surprises me.

Outside of the mail-in service for Nopinz, anyone have success with a DIY mod?

Seems silly that it's 2019 and we have super expensive frames and wheels with all this testing............and a humble integrated number sleeve is a hard to find item. Should be the norm.
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