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Originally Posted by zarbog View Post
What did you think of the stock Giant Crosscuts ? Did you wear them out before you swapped and have you been happier with the OverRides ? Asking because I am riding on the stock tires on the same bike and have been thinking on switching to a more street orientated tire myself. Don't know why other than the Crosscuts are a bit noisy on pavement unless I pump them up to 65 psi.

Going to be very curious as to which ones you choose and how you like them. I ride tubeless with a Finish Line sealant, one self sealed puncture in 550 km's. But a slow rim leak has me pumping them up every two days.
My original Crosscut gravel tyres got torn up pretty badly by glass on my commuting route at the time and some nails on the way to one of my favourite gravel routes. I tried to patch up all the large holes that they made but I couldn't get them to seal anymore and generally wasn't too much of a fan of them. Like you said, they're fairly noisy and I found them quite draggy on the road.

I have loved my Overides since getting them but they are a very light tyre and are very bald and scuffed 6 months now after fitting them. They are possibly the most efficient gravel tyre you'll find on the market only second to perhaps the Vittoria Terreno Zero. They accelerate well and feel supple and fast on the road and rough roads. Quite squirmish on wet gravel though.

I'm currently toying with getting the Schwalbe G-one All-round in 38c but using tubes rather than going for the tubeless variant. They look like a relatively low rolling resistance tyre with a little bite still for rough roads.

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