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What happened?
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But you'd prefer the Chinese predicament that was clealy shown a year or two back of huge piles of these things that they rounded up for scrapping because it was such a boondoggle?

Let me ask you, because I was there once, even if it was 1982...

Who's going to use these bikes? Tourists? When my high school group took a summer trip to the Oregon Coast and down to Marin County/O-Town 37 years ago I didn't see anything that made sense for it looking back at it.

Actually, it was fun just counting the BMWs and Corvettes as you traveled on the bridges. The Wharf is made for walking, going to the Steinhart Aquarium/California Academy of Sciences or most of anywhere required our school bus. We were involved in a minor traffic accident while we were there as it was and we had to camp in a state park outside of town on the Oakland side IIRC. Back then they had signage with seagulls on them that you could follow around much like a scenic or truck route, that was for the tourists too.

Some of the roads there are not exactly conducive to people just running around on bikeshares IMO.

And the other thing we all noticed was the emergence of this new disease with no name that was killing at least four people with funny sounding names/foreigners/whatever and we were just hicks from an Ag town of 3,000 who knew nothing except that our leader kept us to certain parts of town and not others. SHE knew.

The eighties were strange like that. Has anything really changed other than the makeup of the residents and the rent?

The rent was an issue in the second Herbie The Love Bug movie in 1974...remember that fire station Helen Hayes' character lived in?

Marcia Brady rode a ROLLFAST!

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