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I expected a sluggish ride too as I planned to buy a Gravity bullseye and upgrade components from my own supplies. They have cheap heavy tires and apparently tires make a lot of difference for fat bikes.

I lucked out with this one though and it weighed about 32 lbs stock. Aluminum frame and components. The Ground Control tires roll pretty good pumped up though of course, not like a road bike. I would say no worse than my 26 mtb which is good considering its got 4.5" tires.

Currently its got an 8 speed 11/36 cassette and a 36/22 crank which is purdy low and I have an 11/40 cassette that I will try to swap in as well for climbing with a load.

I've taken it downhilling already and was more confident than on my 26mtb. Most odd is how it goes over large obstacles like boulders and logs. I think of it like one of those rock crawling jeeps in youtube videos.

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