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The trike you bought sells for $1,700 here in the US. It's obviously an entry level trike but the review for the similarly priced X model on Bentrider is positive. There was also a comment on the X model about the steering being difficult to adjust for the correct toe-in. You must expect to adjust the toe-in on any trike that is sent partially disassembled. I owned two trikes sent to me that way brand new in order to save on shipping costs. It's very expensive to ship a trike in one piece. Both required some change to the toe-in. It wasn't difficult. One thing that did come up in another post about the F model is you can not fold the trike if you have installed a rack on the back.

As to the metal shavings. The idler wheel which you are describing may have a "chain keeper," a flat piece of metal that goes over the idler wheel to keep the chain from flopping off the wheel. It is made of aluminum and if improperly positioned will rub against the chain. If it is there, the fix is to loosen the idler wheel bolt, reposition the keeper and tighten the bolt. Also check to see there is no damage to the frame adjacent to the idler wheel. That may be the source of the shavings. The teeth on a good quality idler wheel should last for many miles. I never replaced the idler on my Greenspeed GTO with 29K miles on it and the one on my Catrike 700 is still the original with about 14K miles on it. However, I knew exactly how to put the trikes together when I received them.
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