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You won't know what you really want in a bike until you've put a few miles on, and by a few, I mean a few hundred or even thousand, over time. The DS would be a lower investment up front, and could be relegated to your utility bike after you discover what you really want, and whether you really want it enough to pay 2x-4x the cost of the DS. There is no single bike that will be great at all the types of terrain you mentioned, but you will know better a year from now what type of terrain you spend most of your time in, and whether it makes more sense to invest in a better road bike, a better mountain bike, a better gravel bike, a better flat bar road, or whatever.

The first bike I bought with my own money (back in 2001) was a Cannondale H400 hybrid. I rode it a few years and decided that I really was more of a road bike person. So I bought a road bike and sold the hybrid. Then I discovered that as much as I loved road biking, I could get even more miles in the saddle if I also had a hybrid outfitted as a commuter. Now with both bikes I find I have good reasons to ride nearly every day. But it took a little trial and error to get it right. I probably never should have sold that H400, but I'm liking the Quick I got years later to fill that hybrid / commuter need. And I really really like my road bike. The road bike is a pleasure to ride. The hybrid is useful to ride.
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