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Originally Posted by mcours2006 One of my good friends was hit by a right-turning vehicle while he was travelling on a segregated two-lane bike lane, but against the normal flow of traffic. It was exactly as you described--driver focused his attention to the left of him on the traffic. Cyclist coming from the right of him on the bike lane. My friend should have been more vigilant, but he was a bit of a newbie to this whole cyclo-commuting thing.
Many times when people quote bicycle/motorized vehicle collision statistics they say that the leading causes of them are riding against traffic and right away violations. When facilities like this are built. They had some money ear tagged for this project and made a decision without a care in the world for how it would turn out. I lived in a student town in the early eighties. A notice was put in the paper that they needed input from citizens on a proposed bike lane. I and several others went to the meeting. The city was required to have the meeting. Our words fell on deaf ears. They told us what they would do and just did it. It was a two way painted in the road bike lane on one side of the road. Once the project was finished they even warned bicyclists using that road they would be ticketed if they didn't use the bike lane. The bike lane was removed in less than six months of use. Bike car collisions on that road increased dramatically.
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