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Eek! A bikelane! Or worse, a MUP.

I simply do not get the “I can ride a bike anywhere” crowd who can’t ride a bike anywhere.

Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
And heaven help you if you don't want to ride in the protected lanes.
Heaven helped?

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Rode to SOWA for an art gallery show closing, not quite Amsterdam, but lots of bikes:

If you look closely, you can see the shadow of "cannondale":

And new protected bike lane on Mass Ave outbound to Harvard Square, between Trowbridge Street & Unnamed Place (Quincy? Bow? Harvard?):

The world as we know it does not end if you don't use the protected bike lane:

-mr. bill
Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
I wouldn’t ride one contraflow to traffic for love nor money! It’s a really, really, really dumb idea.
Like and a penny:

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Out and about on errands on a beautiful morning.

Let's call this Work In Progress.

Part One - Cambridge:

Work on Mass Ave just inbound of Porter Square down to the punchlist, bricks around hydrant, trees will be planted. But what's up with the utility survey lines? Are they really going to cut into it already to service utility lines?:

The new two-way bike lane on Brattle, inbound. Do not enter has no bicycle exception, almost no markings mean you need to really pay attention to what you are doing:

But green paint in the intersections has been installed. (The plastic bollards and cones are not tactical urbanism. They are temporary until more permanent separators are installed.):

At the far end, not quite sure what to make of the green paint on half. But at least there is now a stop sign:

Lots of changes across the river, warning signs on this side of the river:

The BU bridge, with one on a bike inbound and one on a bike outbound:

-mr. bill
Really, HTFU.

And get rid of your frap and must use nonsense.

If YOU don’t like it? Then don’t use it!

I have no patience for I don’t want it therefore you can’t have it.

-mr. bill

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