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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
It sounds like we're a walking wounded club. Healing quickly is not likely in the cards for me although so far from trauma to now I think I'm beyond expectations and I'll be out of here today. Trauma lead may still be upset that I removed my breathing tube myself but it worked and everything is good to go. Accidentally,& I'm sticking to that. But with ribs AND clavicle, conservative treatment meaning basically not doing anything until it heals, it could be months before things get normal
Serious non-trolling message

Don't rush. This is what my father did to get out of the ICU. Had a very serious infection and push/proded his way. Only, to arrive back home and die a week later.

You're surrounded by specialists in the country with some of the best medical care (if you can afford it), so why rush? As soon as leave, that won't be the case and symptoms will be detected much too late.

Just chill out, read a book or two, and enjoy the time. I'd fight to stay IN and confirm that everything is perfect before going.

It's not a prison, the nurses are cute (at least here) and it could extend your life to stay.

What are you really rushing home to anyway? Even the food was great when my daughter was in the NICU.
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