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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Eek! A bikelane! Or worse, a MUP.

I simply do not get the ďI can ride a bike anywhereĒ crowd who canít ride a bike anywhere.
I can and do ride anywhere. I use MUPs. I use onstreet bike lanes. I use roads. And, occasionally, I go where there arenít roads. That doesnít mean that I have to like nor agree with poorly designed facilities.

Heaven helped?
Yes, heaven help you if you donít use the poorly designed facilities. I regularly use a road instead of the stupid protected lanes. Iíve been buzzed and yelled at to ďget over on the bike pathĒ. Generally, Iíll take another road so as to avoid using those paths.

Really, HTFU.

And get rid of your frap and must use nonsense.

If YOU donít like it? Then donít use it!
Iím already hard enough, thank you very much. I donít use them because they are poorly designed. I object to the money spent on a poorly designed facility and then the implication from car drivers that I should have to use that poorly designed facility because that money was spent on it.

As an example of how poorly designed these facilities are, look at your second picture in your self quote above. Itís the typical floating parking lane and shows all of the flaws of that design. Itís too narrow and the cyclist is trapped against the curb if someone opens a car door or if the rider has to maneuver to avoid an obstacle or debris. At the intersection, the cyclist is masked from traffic that might be turning right. I donít mind bike lanes on the other side of cars because I have room to maneuver if the need arises.

I have no patience for I donít want it therefore you canít have it.

-mr. bill
And I have patience for being forced to use poorly designed bike facilities.
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