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All three of the ones you listed are entry level bikes in the $500 to $660 price range and with entry level components. If most of your riding is going to be on the road and bike paths rather than off-road I'd suggest two things. Don't buy one with suspension forks especially if you can't lock out the fork when you are not off-road. Really good suspension forks (think $$$) work well but the entry level ones are there to sell you on buying the bike rather than making the ride all that much smoother. It also adds weight to the bike and forces the company to scrimp in other areas that are far more important. Be wary of inexpensive hydraulic disc brakes. Again I've had both types of dis brakes. The hydraulic disk brake set (Hope brand) cost more than any of these bikes. Mine worked exceptionally well but are more difficult to maintain than conventional disc brakes. You also might find a smoother set of all around city tires more comfortable for road riding than knobbies. You can always buy a set of inexpensive city tires and switching them.
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