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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
At first I thought that the author of this tripe was just ignorant. After a closer look I have determined that the author of this tripe is trying to manipulate everyone into doing something unnatural . You know it is against the law and also tantamount to having a death wish to ride against traffic and you still want all of us to do this.
I don't know... is it possible they got the idea for those contraflow bike lanes from watching cyclists do it without encouragement? On the bridges around here they have one contra-flow bike lane on one side or the other. The separation is enforced by double striping and break-away bollards. I don't see the panic. Compared to some of the things cyclists do, cycling contraflow with markings, separators and The Law on their side ... a non-issue. I know ... it's like having parents that say "go ahead, stay up all night, it's cool". It's hard to believe its suddenly o.k. Again, I don't know, I've been riding since the late 60's. I've seen lots of things. None have killed me. If more cyclists stopped second guessing traffic engineers, more would survive! Pedestrians travel contraflow under similar conditions. Who has a problem with that? Moreover pedestrians walk and run on the shoulders (contraflow) of roadways without barriers of any kind. Who has a problem with that? A good runner can sustain 6mph for hours. 10mph for an hour or more. An unfit cyclist in other words. And even if a fit cyclist is maintaining double those speeds, the occasions and locations of contraflow lanes or door zone lanes or what have you ... they are limited. You are not going to spend the duration of a 10 mi. commute riding contraflow. Maybe for the length of a football field or less in 10 miles of travel. Much ado about nothing much.

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