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Let's me start by saying that I stated the wrong picture as an example. The one I meant to point out was actually the third one. My mistake.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
I'm all for a critique of a poor design. But critique, don't stereotype.
I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
But no matter, let's continue on straight ahead. (While we are here, how big are car doors? Which is why buffer.)
In your third picture (again, I got it wrong the first time), the bike way is (roughly) 2 meters or about 6 feet. A car door ranges from 80 cm to 100cm (32" to 39"). A door opened into the travel lane reduces the lane by more than half and there is no "buffer" for the cyclist to move to to avoid the door opening. Floating parking lanes trap the cyclist between the car and the curb by design. If someone exits the vehicle without looking...a very common occurrence...the cyclist has even less room. Floating lanes are about the dumbest idea anyone ever came up with.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
The problem "intersection." Note the delivery vehicle parked in no-parking. But it is just a driveway into a church. I pray to the local diety for protection from the congregant who is going to ZOOM into the sacred driveway, but see that my prayers have already been answered by a narrow driveway entrance guarded by granite fence posts.
Yes, by all means "note the delivery vehicle parked in a no-parking zone. People often do things they aren't supposed to do. A motorist turning into the church parking lot may not notice a cyclist in the protected lane because the cyclist is masked by the illegally parked van. A cyclists in the protected lane may not notice the turning vehicle because it is masked by the illegally parked van. Either way, a collision is almost inevitable. And, again, it points to why floating parking lanes are a very dumb idea.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
And now, my trip of horror is over. BTW, MBTA operators are trained to operate where there are people on bikes and people on foot.

BTW, at the intersection, Uber operators are apparently untrained.
It's nice that you provide all these wonderful examples of why the protected lanes that are being implemented everywhere are dumb ideas. They are confusing to bicyclists and motorists. They block vision so that both motorists and cyclists can't see what is going on. Making something confusing and invisible (which is what blocked vision is) is seldom a recipe for a good outcome.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Scared for life, because of this "poorly designed" bike facility and one M******* who honked, I now avoid Harvard Square all together.

-mr. bill
Who's stereotyping now?
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