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Chain lube.

There was an extremely long thread about chain lube in another area of bike forum but no one mentioned my particular choice.
I clean chains quite thouroughly with WD and just as thouroughly dry them and then spray a dry silicone lube containing Teflon and call it a day. I seem to be in the minority using this lube for chains. I love that it don't attract grime and grit, doesn't squeak and stays really clean.
Many years ago, while touring, my chain started squeaking so I pulled up to an auto parts dumpster and used an "empty" oil can to dose my chain so I've used other products but I use dry lube and it seems to work very well. Am I nuts or a genius? Oh yeah, it's worth noting I used to use WD as my chain lube. ( I soon discovered WD is not a lube and promotes rust as it breaks down oil based products leaving bare unprotected metal.
As an additional thought would "intimate" lubrications provide protection from rust do you suppose? It certainly would be safe to use, one would think.😘
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