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If you're needing an eating plan to help with your exercise regime in speeding up losing that remaining 14 pounds, I can recommend by Dr Michael Mosley.

I'd started Intermittant Fasting, basically reducing the amount of hours during the day in which you eat, at the start of the year and was having slow but steady progress. Fast800 ramps this up to a new level by combining IF with restricted calorie intake too. If you think you can accept only 800 calories a day, and within an eight hours or less window, which I'm finding quite do-able working with some excellent recipes in his book and also Fast Cook by Mimi Spencer, go for it.

Currently, I'm 16 days into fast800 and have lost 12.8 pounds - just under halfway to my target. The initial rapid-loss stage can be up to 12 weeks or until you get to your target weight, or you can approach it in different ways, then a weight maintenance programme can be embarked upon.
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