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Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
If you liked the Crossroads ... why not get another set??

I've often been tempted with trying them, one of the guys we ride with used to be about the same speed as us, he put some of these on his bike and we were all struggling to stay with him especially on teh paved sections.

Do you think there'd be any advantage of the Boroughs over the Crossroads??

I'm a bit stuck between the two, the crossroads are 55g lighter which isn't a huge amount but is nice to have.

The only other thing is that the Borough tyre profile appears to be smoother and is marketed as an adventure bike tyre while the Crossroad is marketed as a hybrid/town bike tyre and is slightly more aggressive in tread.

I'm trying to weigh up which one of the two would roll easier. There's also the other advantage that the Borough will likely be a little more comfortable with the extra air volume.

I think my choice may be leaning further towards the armadillo route but it's still not an easy choice between the two.
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