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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
My sense is you really don't know that much about bikes, and there's nothing wrong with asking questions. But you keep making assertions about which type of bike is better that are really coming off as silly.
I know enough to know what I prefer to ride and thats obviously a light, fast bicycle w/ superior handling and acceleration and thats a Road Bike. As I've said if someone wants to put themselves through pushing a vehicle thats often 2x+ as heavy w/ wider tires that are MUCH harder to push down the street then be my guest. The laws of gravity and physics cannot be denied when evaluating this issue. Just like the jarring effects on the human body of hitting bumps and potholes on a rigid framed 17.5 lb bicycle w/ no suspension. < That also cannot be denied as major factor when deciding what someone chooses to ride.
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