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Originally Posted by Tundra_Man View Post
I didn't think there would be a week seven edition to the Tundra_Man Heart Surgery newsletter, but here it is. I really figured that once I had all restrictions lifted and I returned to work that there wouldn't be much news to report. However if life has demonstrated anything, it's that a curveball may be the next pitch that comes at you so be ready.
In addition, numerous people have asked if I was going to keep writing up these weekly chronicles as they wanted to keep reading them. I suspect that, similar to politics, it's the fringe ten percent who are the most vocal. Those who quietly wish I would stop producing these weekly interruptions to their lives don't get the attention of the louder fans clamoring for more. So I guess if you want me to stop you're going to have to speak up. Beating me with a Nerf bat would also effectively convey your feelings on this matter.
Nah man, keep it coming. People are free to just scroll past if they aren't interested, and if there is a place for babble, an internet forum is it. I mean, how many posts about temperatures and weather conditions do we really need?

Anyway, low 70's and partly cloudy here this morning...
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