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Originally Posted by VegasTriker View Post
The trike you bought sells for $1,700 here in the US. It's obviously an entry level trike ...
That is only partly true. It is more accurate to say it is a 'bargain' trike. As part of the bargain the end user is expected to possess above average knowledge about assembling and maintaining the device. Purchased through a dealer the price becomes quite a bit more than $1700 but it still sells for less than a comparable Greenspeed because it is designed, built and marketed entirely in Taiwan. Anything else you might buy in a similar price range WILL be entry level. It will look it, it will weigh it, and it will be about as satisfying as "entry level" usually is. The o.p. was in over his head (still is) with this trike. That is the long and short of it. What they are calling a defect in the boom likely prevents the boom from being inserted too far. Cutting the boom was exactly the correct advice. A simple job with a hacksaw. I've never needed an explanation as to how to work the hinge mechanism of ANY bike, trike, wheelchair, ... anything ... someone who cannot with a little study of something like a folding hinge should be less aggressive in their criticsm of the hinge maker. Most people don't need or want such extensive hand-holding. We are happy not to pay 3x the price to get something no better performing but with better customer support.
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