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Originally Posted by tcs View Post
IIRC Dahon said they no longer have spares for these 33 y.o. bikes, but you could always check with He-who-must-not-be-named-on-this-forum (ThorUSA).
Cool, it's not too bad right now, but it would be nice to address the issue.

Originally Posted by tcs View Post
That said there's a huge worldwide following for these bikes - check the Dahon owner's Facebook page (that's 'Dahon' - the official company Facebook page is 'Dahon Folding Bikes'). Owners are always showing off restored or hot-rodded Classics. Someone might have a stash of parts, or could be 3D printing replacements.
Cool, will do.

I have made some cool functional mods to mine that I'll post up when I get a bit more time.

Originally Posted by tcs View Post
Top recommended mod: aluminum rims and Marathon tires.
I have some high pressure tires on there and I did score an aluminum front rim for cheap from a bike shop about 8 years ago, nice to lose a bit of weight and get much better braking, especially in the wet.

Do you guys buy 16" rims and the appropriate shorter spokes and just relace the existing 28 hole hub? I've built plenty of wheels over the years so its not an issue, but it seems like it would get a bit spendy, does anyone sell a kit for this? A rim with the appropriate spokes?

Originally Posted by tcs View Post

Is that your ride?!?!

Nice one either way!

I got mine without the rear fender unfortunately, but I can add some plastic to the rack to keep water off me, but I suppose I should search Ebay to see whats out there too.
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