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Using gasoline to clean chains is not wise. Not only does it stink to high heaven, a static electricity spark can result in it blowing up in your face. Mineral spirits or naptha is a much better choice. To clean a chain, but it an old water bottle about half full and shake vigorously. Repeat with a second batch of clean solvent.

WD-40 is indeed a lubricant. If you use it for a chain lube, it will always be oily and attract dirt. It does not dry out completely. I tried it for a few weeks with my first 11 speed Campy chain, back in 2009, just for kicks. It did not work well.

I use a home made dry lube that is 6-7 fluid ounces of naptha (camp stove fuel) to one ounce by weight (1/4 stick) of paraffin, plus 2-3% heavy lubricating oil, like automotive gear lube. It lasts quite awhile and leaves the chain and cogs very clean. It does not attract dirt. The cheapest camp stove fuel I've found it Crown brand at Walmart for about $8.50, which is close to half the price of mineral spirits.
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