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Originally Posted by RicePudding View Post
I think I've boiled my choice down to one of two options:

Schwalbe G-one Allround 700c 38mm


Specialized Borough Armadillo 700c 45mm

I'm in two minds about this, the G-one allround is generally considered a benchmark when it comes to gravel tyres and would easily be my choice if I was to go on performance, suppleness and rolling resistance. I question its durability and longevity though.

However, the Borough Armadillo is probably the toughest tyre on the market, at the expense of weight, while not as heavy as the Schwalbe Marathon tyres in a similar size. I'm not sure how this tyre would feel, I loved the Crossroad Armadillos I used on my Talon back in the day but I'm wondering if this tyre is going to feel sluggish and overly firm when it comes to gravel.

At the same time the Borough would be a good all year all condition tyre.

Wow you couldn't have picked two more different "gravel" tires.

Why don't you split the difference and get 40mm Vittoria Terreno Drys?

$60 shipped for two: m_medium=PLA&k_clickid=_k_Cj0KCQjw6IfoBRCiARIsAF6q06sjo6dXkfrD4yLny8ACRUyp1O7VUY87OcVlPOv6qhA4WCy2Ue Y415saAkkIEALw_wcB_k_&rmatt=tsid:1042790|cid:213415837|agid:13362825397|tid:aud-603159017437la-441544380127|crid:92885919277|nw:g|rnd:4727770371612233510|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9026532&gclid=Cj0KC Qjw6IfoBRCiARIsAF6q06sjo6dXkfrD4yLny8ACRUyp1O7VUY87OcVlPOv6qhA4WCy2UeY415saAkkIEALw_wcB
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