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Yeah I know, they're night and day

I did look into these, I really liked they look of the Vittoria Terreno Zeros too but I can't seem to find anywhere that stocks them near me.

I wasn't too sure how good these would be on road given that they are more of a CX tyre. Have you used them before?

Originally Posted by Justinitus View Post
I had the G-One Allround 38mm on my Diverge and found them to be superb. Really fast and smooth on tarmac and comfortable enough for the rougher country lanes and towpath/bridleways.

Iíve just picked up my new Revolt Advanced which came with 40mm Crosscuts set up tubeless. Iíve only done a few miles and I donít like them at all. Draggy and noisy and they seem to flick small stones everywhere!

Iím going to fit my old Allrounds with tubes onto the Revolt this weekend.
The new Revolt looks amazing, definitely the bike I would pick up if I had a choice right now!

Not jealous at all...

I've switched back over to the Crosscut Gravels this week while I choose my new tyre as the Overides are way too beaten up and are just constantly causing punctures and I have to say that they are really hard work.

My average speed has gone down and my commute to work is 3 minutes longer. On pavement they feel very difficult to get up to speed and since going back to them I haven't managed to get my bike above 30mph like I used to.

Glad I'm not the only one considering these tyres with tubes though.
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