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FWIW, I've noticed the thing to be most careful about with this is your storage and moving of the bike when you aren't riding it.

You don't really ever need to turn a TT bike on a dime, even for an out and back. You don't need the cables to be able to let the base bar bang into the top tube, if that makes sense.

But, if cleaning it up to that level of detail.......you have to be careful not to let the bars swing and stress the cables when you aren't riding it if you did shorten them a lot. You could screw something up and not realize it.

I haven't shortened mine yet. The 1x seems to be working so far. I kept the FD shifter installed and just taped the stainless shift cable with electrical tape to the frame until I'm happy with removing all of that.

I'll consider shortening later.

One weird thing I've discovered on my DA is that it doesn't seem to fit a very large chainring. My 54T is uncomfortably close to my chainstay.

I wound up custom making a like 1/2 mm spacer for between the crank and BB bearing. I checked everything to try to ascertain why this is. Perhaps it was only ever designed around a 53T ring.

The wide tooth on the narrow wide 1x ring may have added a 1/2 mm or something, but still. I don't understand how this is possible.

It's not possible to "over insert" a crank into the BB bearing is it? I slide it in and give it a slap with my palm to seat it. That's all. When doing that, the 1x big ring pretty much would rub on the chainstay.
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