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I have a headlamp similar to the one sold on Amazon. Mine is a Boruit RJ-3000. It is a nice headlamp for camping but if you use a bike helmet it will not fit beneath the helmet because of the battery pack at the back of the light. Most of these advertise "three XML-T6 LEDs". They are probably not genuine CREE LEDs but they work OK. It's just the lumen rating that is way off. According to the CREE website the maximum output for the T-6 is 1050 lumens at 1W so you can't possibly get 6000 lumens out of three LEDs.
If you want one, I'd suggest buying it without the battery and buying some quality batteries. This one is just like my Boruit light and only costs $9. It comes with a car charger so you don't even need to buy a charger. Notice the vastly overrated lumen count!

I saw some recent test results for the Chinese batteries at flashlight forum and none were more than 800 mAh ins spite of being advertised as 5800 mAh. The ones with the Amazon light are "rated"
3300 mAh.
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