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Originally Posted by seau grateau View Post
Just speculating, but honestly I'd guess it was for content.
That makes sense, in a way. But, I wonder if he bit off more than he could chew. Sounds like he was racing in the UCI Pro races at TTown today (Friday).

Originally Posted by Morelock View Post

I think Gaimon has a bit of history in track though, right? T-town I think?
Maybe not pro rank trackie, but definitely not new to it
A telling quote from his IG:

First team pursuit session in the books. Not bad but plenty of work to do. Racing this weekend, so hopefully one workout and a couple days to recover from a 10-day, solo cross country drive with a bunch of KOM attempts and video stuff and not enough sleep. Nice to work with cworth52 usacycling rakoooontz ericgalenyoung greggydaniel, and great to be back the_velodrome after a little ten year road racing vacation..
(emphasis mine)

First TP and maybe first (or near first) mass start race in 10 years? In an international pro race no less.

Now I'm really curious as to what happened. Did anyone see it?
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