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Originally Posted by roadsnakes View Post
I haven`t tried this yet, but I`m going to the next time my chain needs a good cleaning.

I`m going to use MARVEL MYSTERY OIL in my chain cleaning tool.

I`ve used it for other things, and I think it`ll work very well in my chain cleaning tool. Any excess should wipe off easily, and if any is left in nooks and crannies it shouldn`t hurt anything.

It is composed primarily of petroleum distillates, including mineral oil (60-100%), mineral spirits {10-30%**, tricresyl phosphate (an antiwear and extreme pressure additive in lubricants, 0.1-1.0%), ortho dichlorobenzene (a softening and removing agent for carbon-based contamination on metal surfaces, 0.1-1.0%), and para dichlorobenzene (a precursor used in the production of chemically and thermally resistant polymers, <0.1%).

Why MMO | Mystery Oil Motors
Keep us posted on how this works for you. I might have to try it as well.
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