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Originally Posted by Leukybear View Post
Just sayin' but you know lee, although very unlikely, if you ever get tired of that there eco-pista and want to sell it, we ride around the same size.
I'm serious.
Noted. I haven't forgotten

It's a Pista and not an Eco Pista, by the way. I believe that was earlier on when Bianchi produced both the Eco Pista and the Super Pista. By 1986 I believe they did away with that and only offered the one model.

Originally Posted by Wspsux View Post
Have you been having any issues with the brake wear on the anodized surface of your Tb14s? I'm starting to notice some discoloration on mine, however I dont often use my brake. Its sorta just there "incase"
Yes, brakes definitely wear away the ano and mine are already starting to fail. Wet conditions, trying to clean the rim, etc. only make it worse. I believe the only way this can be avoided is to run ceramic rims.
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