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Relatively new to wheelbuilding/truing/fettling

I've decided to learn to true and possibly rebuild a wheel.

I have noticed that some spokes on this wheel go under another and some go over another spoke. Should the pattern be uniform or have the spokes been laced incorrectly from stock?

I'd like to know as could this throw out truing slightly, or even significantly?

32 spoke front wheel - the J bend spokes are uniformly threaded outward - inward - outward - inward on the hub correctly, yet if I go around all the spokes, one by one some cross under and some cross over. What I'm trying to say is should all outward threaded spokes cross over or under and all inward threaded spokes cross over or under or vice versa, or doesn't it matter?


I'd rather rebuild the wheel correctly if it's not right.
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