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Originally Posted by Chesterton View Post
My understanding is that you need to match the spoke and nipple gauges, but that doesn't necessarily tell you which spoke wrench to use. So a 14 gauge and 15 gauge nipple may both have the same outer width and use the same wrench. Use the smallest wrench that will fit.

Someone correct me if I've got this wrong though.
It's not the spoke wrench size that I require. I managed to find the correct size, the Red Spokey.

My question is for compatibility i.e. if you have a nut and a bolt, you need a certain size nut to fit
that specific size bolt, so, what spoke nipples fit what size spokes and how do I go about a) measuring a spoke to know what size or gauge it is and b) what corresponding nipple will fit that spoke.

I need to replace some spoke nipples but need to know what spokes they are to get replacements.

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