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So I finished my up and back on the GAP last Friday. Had a great time. Pretty good headwind climbing the hill from Cumberland. It was even stronger on the way to Rockwood. Got a decent bottle of wine at the Opera House. And you gotta love the free firewood at Husky Haven. Saw a bald eagle as I was relaxing in the grass waiting for my phone to charge in the lounge.

Sunday feature more headwind and warm temps to Connellsville. Had my pick of shelters and noticed a sign advertising $10 showers, complete with a towel, wash cloth, soap and shampoo, at the relatively new Cobblestone Inn you pass as you head towards the camping area. Took advantage of that amenity.

Monday to Pittsburgh was again warm and a bit humid with more headwind. Forgot how long it takes to wend your way from Boston into town. Checked in to the Holiday Inn Express on the South Side, had a great BBQ dinner at Smoke in Lawrenceville then hit the sack.

Sunday was a short day to W. Newton. Took the alternative route to Boston. More industrial and a bit hard to follow at one point. The GAP Trail Campground in W. Newton is a great facility. It even has a camp sink. For those of us who cook, that's an important amenity.

Spent the next night at the Outflow facility in Confluence. Meh, although I did see a great blue heron and another bald eagle. The goofy aspect of that place is that if you don't have a reservation you have to call Reserve America and make one even if you arrive and there is plenty of space. At first, the guy I got on the phone couldn't find the hiker-biker sights on whatever his computer was showing him. He finally did. It was also the only federal campground I have stayed in that does not allow alcohol. Maybe they are afraid of people drinking and boating. The high was close to 90, and it was very humid with little breeze.

Equally hot and humid the next day. My tent, bike and panniers were all wet, and there was early, dense fog. Climbed the switchbacks to Frostburg. Gave the guy who runs the inn/hostel/campground across from the train station $15 to camp and then learned of the effort it takes to push a fully loaded bike up the ramps to the camping area high on the hillside. I swear some of those ramps are at a 45 degree angle. Decided to eat out since grocery store is a ways off down a big hill that I would have had to ride back up. Despite using 100% DEET I managed to get bit a good deal by something while finishing my book.

The rain started around 3 a.m. and did not really stop until I was almost back in Cumberland. Fortunately, it was never heavy, but the bike did get quite messy.

I should have a Flikr album ready later in the week.

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