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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
Bikedude; judging from the tubing decal, DT shifters and the Campi Stratos (yes?) it appears your Trofeo is an '96. the HT should be 73' and the seat tube varies a bit for size but is generally in the 72 to 74 range with 72' being on the largest frame 63cm a 75cm frame has a 74' seattube.

Holiday who put the decals on your Squadra?
me. Did I put one on sideways?

Originally Posted by matt0ne View Post
Simply stunning!
thank you!

Originally Posted by jimmm18 View Post
Agreed! I missed this one when I first went through the tread.
and thank you!

I suppose I shouldnt tell you all I'm seriously considering robbing all the campy 10 sp stuff off of it for my Colnago and rebuilding it shimano 10 sp ..
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