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fietsbob...Thanks, I am not a nuts and bolt person but I have messed up some threads in my younger days.

Vik, are those the 26" 60mm fenders? Would I get more comfort moving up one size in the Marathon Plus? On the few short tours I have done in the past, I was on 700 Marathon Plus tires, I think 35mm and that worked OK. I thought they were kind of rough, but I may have had too much pressure. When my wife got her new bike a few weeks ago, she was using a lesser tire (as far as puncture resistance) and had 2 flats in a week right before the new bike arrived.

They don't do enough street cleaning around here, the broken glass kind of piles up. On certain streets we do ride on the wide shoulder and time of day, but try to avoid it if at all possible. At the right time of day that glass just glitters in the sun. They keep the streets cleaner in the rich part of town!

All kind of off topic but the tire sizing does relate to fender sizing, I can see getting a little bigger fenders would future proof things a little. Great advice!

Thanks everyone.

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