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Originally Posted by Champlaincycler View Post
I've had my Diverge for 3 weeks now, probably 250 miles, 80% on road, rest on packed dirt. Has 38's for tires and they're mostly designed for trails, not roads. Still, it rolls well and is close to my Robaix in performance and geometry is similar. I've no doubt that if I put slick 32's on it , then it would be a pretty good road bike. Flats and downhills are close in performance now, uphills a bit slower. Future shock is a bit weird on roads as sometimes you want a stiff front end and it gives a bit and which can be a little bothersome while climbing a paved road. I'm happy though as it makes riding on chip seal so comfortable and the off road stuff is the best. I'm no racer but it seems to hold a line through curves well, maybe I'm just more confident in thru axles and wider tires do help. Brakes are great also and give confidence.

It really is a sweet ride and is the closest I've found to be a perfect all around bike, at least for me.
Thanks for the feedback. Does your Roubaix also have future shock or is it an older model? I understand the Diverge FS has "progressive resistance", which presumably means the spring resistance changes according to its compression, whereas the Roubaix FS is more linear in response. I rode a 2017 Roubaix and was very impressed by the front end on bumpy road surfaces - really felt good with lots of control, so I don't think I would want it any stiffer on paved surfaces - but I'm sure this is personal!

If you going on a long 100% paved ride, would you take your Roubaix or the Diverge? This is probably the answer to whether it can really compete with the purebred endurance road bikes!

What do you think of the value for money of the Diverge? It's about the same price as the Roubaix Comp, but has a lower grade groupset (105) and brakes (RS505), which made me wonder where the cost was going (the Carbon is a heavier grade too).

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