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Originally Posted by spartanKid View Post
Perhaps it's because this is a discussion she has to have every day, all the time. Just because something is your field of study, or a personal passion, or even a hobby, doesn't mean you have to or want to or need to discuss it all the time. Activists don't "owe" anyone a discussion on demand.

Think of it this way, say, as a professor and Ph.D. researcher in sports science, you spend literally your whole work day doing/thinking about how to train athletes and how to make athletes better. When you're not at work, you just wanna ride and race your bike. When you're at the track racing your bike or training, you don't "owe" anyone there a discussion about the latest training tips or training protocols, regardless of how active you are in that field in your day job.
No...she was like this for several months before I knew that she was trans. Maybe others did, but I certainly didn't. She kicked the BF door down saying how she was hot **** when she came to the forum. Some favorites are:

- How she's CAT1 on the road and should automatically be CAT2 on the track...after racing track for a month.
- How she intends to take Monique Sullivan's spot on the CAN Olmpic team.
- AlllllLLlll of her sponsors
- ALLLLlllllLL of her coaches

@Spartainkid, it seems that you joined BF a month after SF did. I you know SF outside of BF? Before joining BF? Are you a researcher with her?

Please answer

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