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Originally Posted by Mobile 155 View Post
Some very good and valid points. But they are being made in a forum where reality is often superseded by dreaming and wishing.

Picking up anywhere and dropping off anywhere sounds like a good idea until one realizes sooner or later such a plan leads to chaos. I am not sure it would matter what kind of vehicle it is if you can simply leave it somewhere and sign off on a phone you could leave it at an airport and someone sooner or later would have to come an collect it. If you signed off of the system and the thing was locked it isn't your problem. And yes people vandalize cars and motorcycles and trucks everyday.

The business model "is" the problem. They seem to assume that the same people that abuse public restrooms, bus stops and peoples bike when they are just sitting in front of a store will change their habits just because someone wants to ride a scooter in town? I don't see it. I don't believe the average LCF poster in this forum does either. I base this on the number of time people have suggested using a "beater" for trips to the store and saving you "good" bike for times when you don't have to leave it unattended.

But let us take another look at the basic contention by at least one LCF advocate? If the scooters are made for people that want a minimal cost of transportation how does a system the requires someone to have a credit card fit with that ideal? How about a system that requires a smart phone and a account on an app? A smart phone often costs more than three bikes many LCF people seem to prefer. And like you posted earlier why haven't under developed countries without an automotive infrastructure jumped on the scoot4er band wagon? Or better yet why haven't the companies themselves flooded those markets with free range scooters?

I contend like you did they need the same infrastructure and dense urban area does. Good smooth pavement like what cars need to avoid serious problems that small wheeled vehicles like scooters can use. Chip seal, hard packed gravel, brick type pavers and yes dirt roads will make a scooter a nightmare to navigate.

I know this seems like nit picking and I also know the dreamers that believe because something looks like a good idea it has to work. Think Segway, not long ago someone in these very forums was sure they were the future of transportation. I guess if you live in a mall they might have their place.

I don't think it's nitpicking and quite sensible.

There are a lot of issues that come about if one is trying to be carfree or carlite which I think are worth discussing. Having been carfree for many years, moderately carlite now and looking forward to more carlite in the future I find most have to do with real practical matters so that's how I look at it. I have also decided that if I am going to change anyone else's behavior it will probably be via example and not promotion. That resonates with me as a model for change far more than wishing others would behave better.


I think you want good things as we all do but often find it hard to cut through the ideological verbiage to see what the nuts and bolts issues are. We can discuss and help each other solve practical issues or even form different perspectives but we aren't going to create sweeping socio economic change on this forum. In fact, I would say most here have/would already buy into a lower car use philosophy if the practical concerns could be addressed.

In the end, I can only really change me and apparently, that's a full time job
I try to share that experience so that, if someone else also wants to change, they might find something useful.

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